We’re goin to Paris

February 2018: Paris.

Next year, I’ll be working and living in Paris. A 4-month internship at Mercure Paris-Vélizy is waiting for me.

At first, I connot deny, I was a bit disapointed my internship wasn’t closer to the city centre, but now it’s starting to grow on me. A big plus: the hotel is located near Versailles and a mall, so my shopaholic self is more than happy.

This 4-month internship will be cut in 2. For 2 months I will be your welcoming reception clerk, and for the other 2 months I will be doing housekeeping supervising. I’m especially thrilled about the housekeeping, since it’s my dream to be a housekeeping manager one day.

I’m writing this on february 8th of 2017, so this internship is a little under a year away, and I have yet a lot of hurdles to overcome before I’m leaving, but I cannot help feeling overwhelmed by the whole idea of going away from my family. I know it’s not the end of the world, and I know it’ll only be for 4 months, but this will be the first time leaving the nest for so long.

xx, Elise

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