What I learned so far….

Let’s jump right into it….

We’re halfway through my six week internship, I really like the job, have nice and friendly colleagues and I’m learning A LOT.

First thing I learned: you can never go without coffee. I already knew coffee is my best friend, and that friendship has gone even stronger now that I’m actually doing something in life. I always have a cute travel mug with me to work (primark has the cutest!)

Second. Good shoes are a must. When you’re standing behind a reception desk for 8 hours, and you want/have to do the same thing tomorrow, make sure you invest in good shoes. I bought some really cute sneakers by the brand XTI. I really like them and have been loving them under my everyday black dressed trousers.

Third thing: Personally, I love to work with business guests better than to work with leisure guests. This is a very personal thing, and working in a hotel, this is something to keep in mind. Growing up in a hotel I alway saw leisure guests. Now I have both at my reception desk, and I’ve grown a preference for business guests.

Finally, I learned that accessories are EVERYTHING. The first two week were average belgian weather, so I really didn’t have a problem wearing boring black and white every day, but this last week was amazing, so I decided to add a little colour to my outfit.

This was this so far. See you next time if I don’t drown in schoolwork.

xx Elise

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