How I get ready for Christmas

Ice Cream Party-5It’s my favorite time of year again: the holiday season. In this post: I will tell you how I get ready for Christmas.

In Belgium, we celebrate another holiday, Sinterklaas, on December 6th, so usually, I will get into the Christmas spirit on December 7th.  I think I actually like the build-up to Christmas more than Christmas itself.  So get into the Christmas spirit with me 🙂 .

I start of with putting up my Christmas tree, this year in a red and gold theme. This is the first tree that me and my boyfriend put up together in his flat, which I consider a huge milestone. I also start buying my gifts and wrap them up myself, because I am a huge fan of gift wrapping.

I am lucky enough to have seen some snow already this year. First in Oslo, and than in Belgium where we suddenly have a real, snowy winter.

I am a huge fan of Christmas music. Especially when walking around the Christmas market. I used to think that Belgian Christmas markets were fun, but since I visited one in Oslo, I just want to go back there. It was so cosy eating Churros (yes, I know that’s not really Norwegian, but it tastes good :p ) by the fire. It was the real Christmas feeling I got there.

Finally, in December it’s easy to decide what to wear, I love (like reaaally love) Christmas sweaters. They give me the feeling that Christmas is just around the corner (which it obviously is).

Happy holidays, everyone!

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