How to combine school, work and the holidays

Ice Cream Party-4The end of the year is fast approaching, which means it can get a little busy. In this blog post, I tell you how I combine school (final exams starting January 8th), my student work, and the holidays.

The first tip seems obvious: plan ahead. I have a December and January planned out on a paper (not just my agenda) to get a visual of how my months are going to look like. First, I write down all my exams, than my shifts at work and holiday parties I have to go to. This is my starting point.

Next step is determing how much time I need to study each subject and start planning. I try to study in the same order my exams are, to keep the order in my head.

The next tip is: Know your limits. Not everyone can study for 8 hours straight. I know I am a slow studier. I am destracted easily, so I need time to study and start more than early to cover everything I need to know.

Another tip is: don’t waste your time trying to write down everything, writing down is not always the best thing to do. Unless you know you actually learn things this way, it’s a waste of time, figure out what type of learner you are, and master the art of studying that way.

Dare to say no. Because my exams start immediately after the Christmas break, you need to dare to say no. If you try to please everyone by working extra shifts, going to every Christmas party organized by a distant friend/relative/… you will probably loose time.


These are my 4 golden rules to juggle this busy season and succeed in actually getting somewhere with school, work and the holidays.


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