What 2018 will bring…

What 2018 will bring...2018 is just 3 days old, so this is the perfect time to take a look what’s standing right in front of me on the road called life.

Right now, I’m preparing for exams, pretty boring stuff. I’ve got from the 8th until the 23th to tackle 8 exams, so being prepared is a must ( read my blog about how to juggle the holidays, work and school here)


January 31st marks the start of the most exciting part of the year. I’ll be leaving Belgium behind to work in Paris for 4 months. My internship is 2 months of being a reception clerk and 2 months of being a housekeeping supervising. Of course you will be able to read that adventure here on my blog.


When I return from Paris I will defend my thesis, take one final exam and (hopefully) graduate.

Before looking to start a job, I’ll take a little holiday in July to Menorca. This trip is planned with my boyfriend, and we’re very much counting the days before we go 😇.

Everything after that is pretty much destination unknown. I will move in with my boyfriend (changing my sea town home for suburban life).

Somewhere between graduating and moving, there is also a job planned. I hope to be able to start somewhere in a middle management function (yes, I ‘m ambitious, there’s nothing wrong with that)

I’m also looking to start my masters degree in evening classes. Since I’m moving in with my boyfriend, I’ll need to earn money, and won’t be able to afford another year of fulltime studying.

This is everything planned out already for 2018, but obviously, there will be much more on my way I don’t even know off yet.

I wish you all a very happy 2018, that you may get everything you deserve.

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