Ikea packing cubes

Ikea packing cubesWhile looking on YouTube for packing video’s (they are so satisfying to watch), I saw one recurring theme: Packing cubes. So after doing some research online, I discovered I could get some at Ikea for only 6 euros for a pack of 6 packing cubes.

Now that I’m preparing to leave for Paris in 2 weeks, I started packing with these packing cubes. I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to also do a closet clean up, some thing went to charity, other things are for sale on my DEPOP account.  So when I chose what to bring, I started packing and decided that when the packing cube was full, I would not take anything else from that type of clothing. (More on what I pack and take with me, next week.)

Let me start of by saying what packing cubes are and why you need them in your life. Packing cubes are square bags to organise your luggage in. This way, when you are looking for something in your luggage, you won’t mess up the entire suitcase, and everything will stay neat and tidy.

So these Ikea packing cubes are pretty basic. They are light grey, some have a mesh top, some are completely in the same, light grey fabric. I pack everything in packing cubes, except from dresses and sweaters because they take up to much space.

From what I can say right now, they are good quality, they fit great in my suitcases and are perfect for a packing cube newbie.

When you are a more advanced packing cube packer, you can always buy more expensive ones, but right now, I think I’m good with my Ikea ones.

When I was packing them, I saw that they kept up well, didn’t see any imperfections on the zipper and they didn’t loose much shape.

More about how & what I pack for a semester in Paris next week, so stay tuned!

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