What will I pack for 4 months in Paris?

How will I packIn one week, I’ll leave the nest to go on the biggest adventure in my life so far: going to Paris and live & work there for 4 months.

Going away for 4 months is obviously something that needs to be planned out perfectly. I will be living out of my suitcases for 4 months, so I need to make a shift in what I would want to wear and take with me (and more importantly, leave enough room to be able to take things back home).

Let’s start of with clothing: Between January 31st and June 8th there’s approximately 120 days. Obviously, when I will be working, I don’t need my own clothes, but there’s 18 weekends (I’m working in a hotel, so those weekends could be in the middle of the week) that I will need to get dressed and obviously there will be early shifts, that will make me able to go out in the afternoon to discover the city of love.

I will mostly be packing basics that I will be able to dress up with accessories. Basic shirts & blouses, a few good pairs of jeans, dressed pants, dresses,…. The challenge here is that I will be away from The middle of the winter to pretty much the summer time, so I need a range of clothes that will be versatile. I also decided to pack one type of clothing per packing cube, full was full, so I really needed to choose what I loved and liked the most.


For packing my packing cubes: I rolled most of my clothes, and than folded 1 or 2 items to put on top of the rolled up items in the cube. This was the most efficient. After the packing cubes were closed, I put the smallest ones on the bottom of my suitcase, to fill up te space between the bars, the big packing cubes fit perfectly on top of that and filled one half of my suitcase.

Next: Shoes. Shoes take up a lot of space in your luggage. I will try to take at least two pairs of sneakers (one pair packed, one pair I’ll be wearing), I also want to take some cute boots. Balet flats are an absolute must as well, but I’m considering taking none with me and just buy a few pairs over there. I also take a pair of black shoes to work in, a pair of black velvet heels and a pair of nude high heels.


Handbags: My greatest love, but also the most irritating things to travel with INSIDE your luggage. I need to shift out what bags I just can’t live 4 months without. I want to take 1 bag for every possible occasion. My Ralph Lauren Tara bag for every day, because that bag is heaven. My LV for when I feel the need to dress up. Longchamp bags are just the most carefree bags on the planet, so I’ll be taking one with me. Last I will probably take my Primark Disney Mickey backpack. I’m living in Paris for 4 months, you bet your **s I’ll be going to Disneyland at least once. I’m probably going to pack them inside a duffel bag, but that’s still something I’m not sure of.

There are probably a million things I forgot to mention, and probably will forget. If you thing there’s something I absolutely need to take, leave a comment down below.

lots of love,


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