4 months in Paris: What will I be doing?

4 months in ParisToday is the day: I’m leaving for my 4 month adventure in Paris! The next 4 months will be life changing, the next 4 months will shape my future.

As you know, this will be an Internship I’ll be doing. I’ll start Feb 1st with a 2 month internship as a reception Clerck and the next 2 months I will be a housekeeping supervisor.

This is my final year, so beside working, I will have to write a thesis and of course explore the city of love❤️.

I’m so happy it’s finally here. I hated the build-up to it, saying goodbye to everyone (although some people’s BS made it A LOT easier to leave). And obviously I will miss all my loved ones, but I do realize I need to do this to grow as a person and to become the adult I want to be.

My favorite city guide: the Louis Vuitton one, has been in my handbag for the past weeks, and my Pinterest board is growing fast: so I’ve been planning what to see, but if you have any tips to what to visit, drop them ⬇️

Lots of love,


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2 thoughts on “4 months in Paris: What will I be doing?

  1. Super! I wish you all the best in the most romantic city in the world!
    If you are looking for some tips and hotspots, I have 4 recent posts on Paris. Fancy restaurant tip is for me defenetely Kong near Pont Neuf…
    Have fun!


  2. Oooh good luck! You really are living the dream (well, my dream anyway…I’d hoped to move to Paris for an adventure but got too impatient and ended up near Geneva, which is lovely too in very different ways!).


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