Time to get real

Hi everyone,

IMG_9620you’ve probably noticed I haven’t uploaded a post in a while… so it’s time to get real and tell you why!

Last year, when it was time to decide whether or not to go abroad for my internship, I talked to a lot of people. I was torn between staying in Belgium or going to Paris, but with everyone saying I should take this opportunity, I finally decided to go to Paris.

I was happy, 4 months in the city of love and fashion, a dream come true. But after a month or so, I did everything I wanted to do and started to miss some members of my family, friends and boyfriend.

Today, I’m halfway through with my internship, and I’ll soon switch to housekeeping supervisor. I was looking forward to it, more ‘normal’ hours, and I would be able to visit home more, I was looking forward to visiting my home twice a month in the next two months. And then you get the news: strikes in France, per 3 days of work, there will be 2 days of strikes, bye bye plans to go home more, hello being stuck in this place.

I realised that going abroad isn’t for everyone and that your dreams may not always be what you really want. It was my dream to go abroad, leave everything behind, but now I know that’s just not me. I realise that I need a boring life with a good job and being surrounded by my loved ones (and maybe a dozen or more handbags ๐Ÿ˜‡)

So starting on Monday, I will dust myself off, and start spending my time more usefulย in hopes everything will get by quicker, and hopefully, those next two months will pass by quicker than the last two.

xoxo Elise.

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