My first vlog

My first vlog 🎉-2

Hi everyone,

I know I’ve been crap at keeping my blog alive lately, but I was working on a project, which has come to an and today!

A huge milestone for me today… my first vlog on YouTube.

My vlog is not one I made because I wanted to start vlogging… it’s one I made with the person who’s doing his internship in the same hotel as me because school made us do it.

But… it’s not because school made me do it, I didn’t like it. No, I loved making a video to share what I’ve been doing since I arrived here. I’ve been meeting new people and I’m having the time of my life (unless I’m homesick, which is at least twice a week…) maybe I should do this more, I don’t know 😝 I don’t really have an interesting life, but you never know 🤣

If you want to check it out… watch here:

See you next time

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