iPhone XS max review

Hi guys,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve last posted, but life has been crazy to me.

As you can see in the title, I got myself an iPhone XS max to celebrate me signing my first job.

Let’s start with the unboxing… it’s in Dutch but you’ll get the sentiment 😂

I called this post a review, which it is, but if you are looking for tech talk, this is not the place to be, I’m a regular iPhone user, I use it for texting, calling, social media and photography. As long as everything works I’ll be happy!

The box this phone comes in is HUGE which is no surprise dingen this is the max version. Cute detail on the box, the word “iPhone” on the side is in gold to match the phone 😍.

I upgraded from an iPhone 6, which was already 4 years old (Made me feel les guilty when I got this phone). And honestly, I never want to get a small phone ever again 🙈.

Now let’s talk about the camera. I love taking pictures and this iPhone gives me so much to love. You van check out these pictures from met dogs to see how good the camera is…

You see… my dogs don’t even look that good in real life 😅 (just kidding, they are the cutest) but seriously, guys, portret mode is my new favourite thing I didn’t know I needed.

Next up, wireless charging… do you NEED it? Probably not, did I get two belkin wireless charging pads? Yes, I did.

With my iPhone 6 I needed to carry a charger with me all the time, not with the XS max. I can use my iPhone how I used my old iPhone 6, and I’ll still have about 35% of battery left. This means I no monter need my phone plugged in when I want to take a final look on social media before bed.

I got myself two Belkin charging pads, one to use at home, the other to leave at my boyfriend’s place. The 7.5W charger charges your phone much faster than the standard charger Apple still includes in the package (would it hurt to include a faster charging charger with a €1259 phone?).

This is my mini review of the iPhone XS max. If you want to know more about the XS max, I highly recoment iJustine on YouTube. She’s the queen of Apple or something…

Xoxo, Elise.

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