Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

Everyone in the blogger community knows the “Sunshine Blogger Award”, an award from bloggers, to bloggers who inspire others to be creative and positive in the world of blogging. I was nominated by the amazing Kris from Kool family. She was my first active follower who blogs about life as a mom and wife. She’s inspiring and I thank her from the bottom of my heart for this nomination! She gave me 11 questions and here they are: When and Why did you start blogging? I don’t remember exactly when I started blogging exactly, I’ve had a few blogs over … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award 🌞

My first days in Paris

On Wednesday, I arrived in Paris for my 4 month internship. I knew it was going to be hard and difficult to leave all my loved ones behind, but I didn’t know it was going to be this hard. First of all, I am really annoyed with myself that I can’t do more at the moment. I still need to learn how the systems work, how the team works,…. . I want to work and I want to learn. Second of all, up until today, I was alone at the hotel, my fellow intern from my school only arrived today, … Continue reading My first days in Paris

4 months in Paris: What will I be doing?

Today is the day: I’m leaving for my 4 month adventure in Paris! The next 4 months will be life changing, the next 4 months will shape my future. As you know, this will be an Internship I’ll be doing. I’ll start Feb 1st with a 2 month internship as a reception Clerck and the next 2 months I will be a housekeeping supervisor. This is my final year, so beside working, I will have to write a thesis and of course explore the city of love❤️. I’m so happy it’s finally here. I hated the build-up to it, saying … Continue reading 4 months in Paris: What will I be doing?

Ikea packing cubes

While looking on YouTube for packing video’s (they are so satisfying to watch), I saw one recurring theme: Packing cubes. So after doing some research online, I discovered I could get some at Ikea for only 6 euros for a pack of 6 packing cubes. Now that I’m preparing to leave for Paris in 2 weeks, I started packing with these packing cubes. I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to also do a closet clean up, some thing went to charity, other things are for sale on my DEPOP account.  So when I chose what to bring, I started packing … Continue reading Ikea packing cubes

Books I will (re)read this year

As you guys may already know, I’m leaving my hometown at the end of the month to live in Paris for 4 months. Obviously, my boyfriend won’t be coming with me due to his job. Since I’ll be alone, there will be some times that I won’t feel like going out and discover the surroundings, so I need to bring some entertainment with me, and what better entertainment than books? These are some books I will re-read during these 4 months. Astrophysics for People in a Hurry by Neil Degrasse Tyson I have always be fascinated by the stars, Neil … Continue reading Books I will (re)read this year

What 2018 will bring…

2018 is just 3 days old, so this is the perfect time to take a look what’s standing right in front of me on the road called life. Right now, I’m preparing for exams, pretty boring stuff. I’ve got from the 8th until the 23th to tackle 8 exams, so being prepared is a must ( read my blog about how to juggle the holidays, work and school here) January 31st marks the start of the most exciting part of the year. I’ll be leaving Belgium behind to work in Paris for 4 months. My internship is 2 months of … Continue reading What 2018 will bring…