What 2018 will bring…

2018 is just 3 days old, so this is the perfect time to take a look what’s standing right in front of me on the road called life. Right now, I’m preparing for exams, pretty boring stuff. I’ve got from the 8th until the 23th to tackle 8 exams, so being prepared is a must ( read my blog about how to juggle the holidays, work and school here) January 31st marks the start of the most exciting part of the year. I’ll be leaving Belgium behind to work in Paris for 4 months. My internship is 2 months of … Continue reading What 2018 will bring…

How to combine school, work and the holidays

The end of the year is fast approaching, which means it can get a little busy. In this blog post, I tell you how I combine school (final exams starting January 8th), my student work, and the holidays. The first tip seems obvious: plan ahead. I have a December and January planned out on a paper (not just my agenda) to get a visual of how my months are going to look like. First, I write down all my exams, than my shifts at work and holiday parties I have to go to. This is my starting point. Next step … Continue reading How to combine school, work and the holidays

How I get ready for Christmas

It’s my favorite time of year again: the holiday season. In this post: I will tell you how I get ready for Christmas. In Belgium, we celebrate another holiday, Sinterklaas, on December 6th, so usually, I will get into the Christmas spirit on December 7th.  I think I actually like the build-up to Christmas more than Christmas itself.  So get into the Christmas spirit with me 🙂 . I start of with putting up my Christmas tree, this year in a red and gold theme. This is the first tree that me and my boyfriend put up together in his … Continue reading How I get ready for Christmas

A handbag for every occasion

I am a big YouTube fan. One of my favorite YouTubers at the moment is Elle Be. She inspired me to do this Blog, so her it goes.   1. Casual My favorite casual bag is my recently purchased Lauren Ralph Lauren Tara Cross Body bag. It fits everything I need on a daily base, like my iPad, long wallet, etc. 2. Work My favorite work bag, or actually school bag, is currently my Fleta shopper by Carvela by Kurt Geiger. This is a big handbag, where I can take everything I need with me to survive 8 hours of … Continue reading A handbag for every occasion

Get to know me tag

Because I love tag videos I wanted to do a tag myself on my blog (in an attempt to actually start blogging regulary). So let’s jump right into the get to know me tag with the next 30 questions: 1: Are you named after anyone? I wasn’t named after anyone, I was named after the Beethoven composition Für Elise. 2: When was the last time you cried? Yesterday, when my boyfriend left for a wedding I couldn’t attend but really wanted to go. 3:Do you have kids? Not yet, but planning on, I have another year in college, and I … Continue reading Get to know me tag

6-week internship

Before going to Paris next year, I have to complete a 6-week internship here in Belgium. Starting Wednesday, I’ll be standing in the front office/reception of the Ibis hotel in De Panne. The black dresspants are ironed and the white blouses are ready to rock. The hardest thing will probably be the juggling between the internship and school. Also the fact that I will see my boyfriend way less than now (from being toghether every day, to seeing each other 2 days a week) is a very depressing thing. Of course I will keep you updated on the internship, so … Continue reading 6-week internship